About Us

Hindupratha.com is a portal brought by ABA Enterprise, an India based company formed in 2014.

The portal assists guides and lends support to people of all faiths in performing Ash Scattering of the Cremated remains for their loved ones over the Himalayas in India and for the Hindu Community to perform Asthi Visarjan(Ash immersion) in the Holy River Ganga at Haridwar.

Having service associates in North America and Europe Hindupratha performs personal and religious commitments in the most appropriate and dignified manner. Those who wish to accompany the Urn with Ashes /Asthis are given full facilities to comfortably fulfil their feelings of peace to perform the Ceremony . and those who cannot come are given the complete detailed assistance to send the Ashes /Asthis of their loved ones for the ceremony in Camera and in Absentia

The people associated with Hindupratha have full knowledge about the rituals and religious sentiments of all Faiths and can guide if contacted . 



“Aa no Bhadra krataavo yantu vishvatah”
“Let the good things come from all directions of the world”