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ekadashi 2016

dates for ekadashi2016 shukla paksh ekadashi krishna paksh ekadashi jan 20th jan 5/6th feb 18th feb 4th march 19th mar 5th april 17th apr 3/4th may 17th may 3rd june 16th june 1st july 15th june 30th/1st july aug 14th july 30th sept 13th aug 28th oct 12th sept 26th nov 10/11 oct 26th dec […]
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amavasya and purnima 2016

Dates for amavasya, &Purnima in 2016 Amavasya Purnima jan 9th jan 23rd feb 8th feb 22nd march 9th march23rd april 7th april 22nd may 6th may 21st june 5th june 20th july 4th july 19th august 2nd august 18th sept 1st sept 16th sept 30th oct 16th oct 30th nov 14th nov 29th dec13th dec […]
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Amavasya Importance and significance

 Amavasya Importance and significance According to the Hindu calendar, Amavasya is treated as the beginning of the new lunar month which lasts around 29 days. It is also called “New Moon Day”. Many of the important festivals, for instance “Diwali”, the most important Hindu festival is observed on this day of
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list of festivals in2016 month date details january 14 lohri january 15 pongal january 16 guru gobind singh jayanti january 26 republic day feb 12 basant panchami mar 7 maha shiratri mar 23 holika dahan mar 24 HOLI mar 25 good Friday mar 27 easter april 8 gudi parhwa/ ugadi april 13 baisakhi april 15 […]
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Importance of Poornima

Importance of Poornima. Importance of Purnima Puja The full moon day in the month lunar calendar is known as Purnima. This day is having its own significance. The important of Purnima lies in the fact that there are several renowned Hindu festivals that arrives on this day. Besides, most of the Hindu devotees
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significance of ekadashi

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Ekadashi is regarded as one of the most significant vrats observed by the Hindu community. The word Ekadashi has been derived from the Sanskrit term ‘Ekadasi’ which means eleven. Thus, Ekadashi occurs on the 11th day of every fortnight in a traditional Hindu lunar calendar. As such, there
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“Annaprasana (Anna Prashchan): The term “anna” means ‘food’ mainly ‘boiled rice’ and “Prasana” means ‘eating’ specifically ‘the first feeding of a child’. This ceremony is done when the baby is of fifth to eight months old . It is done at that age because at that period the child gains the strength to digest the
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