Beliefs / Puja
  • Ganga Aarti at Har ki pauri and Rishikesh with pious visits to all nearby temples.

The Ganga Aarti is performed clockwise by circulating an Aarti Plate or Diya around a Divinity. The Aarti symbolizes the following:

  • Ether (Akash)
  • Wind (Vayu)
  • Fire (Agni)
  • Water (Jal)
  • Earth (Prithvi)

In Sanskrit the meaning of “Aa” is “towards or to” and the meaning of “Rati” is right or virtue”. Hindupratha assists in performing the Aarti in a pious and religious manner on the banks of the Holy River Maa Ganga at Hark i Pauri, Haridwar.

  • Mundan Ceremonies on the Ghats of Ganga in Haridwar

The Mundan ceremony (Tonsure Shaving) for children is performed between the ages 1 to 3. It is conducted for harmonious titillation of the nerves and proper development of the brain. It is believed that birth hair carries undesirable ideas and traits from past birth. Hence, the hair needs to be removed to embrace new ideas full of eminence.
The Mundan Pratha is considered very Auspicious for the child, as well as the family, when performed on the Ghats of Ganga.
Hindupratha will assist in performing Mundan at the Ghats of Ganga.
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  • Special pooja for Pitra Paksh, Purnima, Ekadashi and Amavasya
Package Cost
Ganga Aarti : INR 4100
Mundan : INR 4100
    • Mundan at Har Ki Pauri
    • Pooja kits and arrangements at Haridwar for Ganga Aarti and other religious fervors
    • Conducting all others Pooja’s as per Hindu beliefs and way of life
    • Special pooja for Pitra Paksh, Purnima, Ekadashi and Amavasya Puja