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Amavasya Importance and significance
According to the Hindu calendar, Amavasya is treated as the beginning of the new lunar month which lasts around 29 days. It is also called “New Moon Day”. Many of the important festivals, for instance “Diwali”, the most important Hindu festival is observed on this day of Kartik Maas.
As per Hindu beliefs, Amavasya is a very important day, as it is the day of new beginning. There are many rituals and beliefs associated with this day. For instance, Amavasya is considered highly auspicious to worship the dead forefathers and relatives, as it is believed that the light of the Sun reaches them on this day instead of the moon. Also amongst Hindu people it is a faith that the dead visits their relatives on the earth on this day.

As Amavasya is the first day of the new month, hence it is also considered to be the best day for new beginnings. Old habits, failures, negative thoughts, etc. should be discarded on this day and a new promise to life should be embraced considering the light that the new moon will bring.
Basically, the day is observed as a partial fast, i.e. as the part of Amavasya puja only one time meal is taken on the day that too pure vegetarian. In addition to that, there are certain puja rituals that are specific according to the month of the day. Like, the puja for Ashadha Amavasya is chiefly done by performing Deep Puja. People clean their houses on this day and decorate it with Diyas and Rangoli. On the other hand, the Paush Amavasya that comes in the 10th Month of the lunar year, is celebrated by performing Daans and worshiping Dhana Lakshmi for a prosperous life.

Mainly Amavasya is dedicated to worshipping of dead ones for their blessings. On this day the relatives can perform holy bath and perform important rituals like “Tila Tarpanam” (feeding the dead) and “Annadanam” (Donation to hungry people).


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