Frequently Asked Questions
When we purchase any service of HinduPratha, do we pay any additional amount?

No, once you have paid on line or by bank transfer or by cash at our reporting offices, then no additional amount is to be paid.

Can we avail services even on reaching Haridwar and not booking it online?

Yes one can by informing us through telephone or by sending an email to and letting us know the arrival time at Haridwar. Our representatives will contact you at the designated place of arrival and provide our service coupon to you upon payment of services requested in cash and/or Debit/Credit Card.

Can people living outside India have access to our services?

People from across the world can use our services by selecting the appropriate package and making the payment through our web portal.HinduPratha provides the facility of Bank Transfers, Travelers Cheque,Debit/Credit cards or Cash.*For all International Orders checkout using Paypal*

Can we distribute Food and clothes to poor if we choose to?

Yes you can, and HinduPratha will assist with the same

What is the type of Transport, Accommodation and Food that will be provided along with the packages?

Haridwar has all types of Star Hotels, Clean Dharamshalas and Vegetarian Food. Along with that there is availability of all types of Sedan and Suv vehicles, as well as E rickshaws for transport. Whichever option is selected by you in the package shall be provided on arrival.

What type of Emergency services is available in Haridwar?

Medical services , Doctor on call, Conversion of FOREX, Life saving drugs on prescription can be availed through HinduPratha in Haridwar.

What time can we approach HinduPratha for making necessary bookings for services.?

24×7 on Portal, Email-, and phone (USA) +1-703-651-2087 and (INDIA) +91-11-65650218. Voice messages can be left for immediate response.

For all arrangements as per your Beliefs and Festival Services what has to be done?

Prior advance notice to HinduPratha is recommended about the type of service one requires.

How are Rituals in Absentia performed?

If a person is unable to reach the holy place in-person to perform the rituals due to certain constraints, then HinduPratha will perform Rituals on their behalf by conducting appropriate religious honours, following which HinduPratha will send a video recording by Courier, Email or Cloud Computing. However, certain formalities have to be adhered to as mentioned in our Rituals section.

Can One Opt for services separately if packages are not required for Rituals?

Yes, Individual services are listed in the sub section of Services& Packages under “Antim Dharmik Kritya”and ” Puja” Opting for single service or a combo of services can be taken as per individual followings.

If One has any questions or doubts aboout any service how can it be explained and cleared.?

CONTACT US“…. link will get your questions and doubts to us for prompt responses.