Rituals/Antim Dharmik Kritya
  • Ash Immersions at Haridwar

Asthi-visarjan is the final rites for the disposal of Antyesti. According to the Hindu religion, the ashes and remains of the deceased are collected in an earthen pot and consigned to the holy river.
It is commonly believed that immersion of the ashes in the river Ganga is considered most sacred.

  • Ash Immersion in Absentia with full ritual and Video recordings

According to the Hindu Religion Ash immersion of their loved ones in the holy Ganges remains sacrosanct. Many families take the ashes back to India to perform this final ritual while others who cannot make the journey can use our services for ash immersion in Absentia. We custom clear the Asthis (Ashes) which come by Post/courier /Airlines cargo, and thereafter get the Rituals performed at Haridwar .

Certain formalities have to be completed before sending the ashes to Hindu Pratha at Haridwar. The Indian Embassy/Consulate assists in this matter and one has to comply with the formalities of the Local Authorities, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Pack the urn in a wooden box
2. Include the following paperwork:
a. At least two certified copies of the death certificate
b. At least two certified copies of the cremation certificate
c. The Non-contraband Affidavit (on your funeral home’s letterhead)

Hindupratha will perform the rituals in absentia and send back proof to the family.
For further information or clarification, E-mail – info@hindupratha.com

  • Complete guidance in performing the ritual “Shradh” as per one’s family tradition
  • Pind daan at Har Ki Pauri and other ritual places