Shaiya Daan

Significance of Shaiya daan

One of the most important ceremonies, after the Asthi Visarjan , Pind daan and Gau daan is Shaiya Daan, Those who wish the departed well shall make gifts of articles according to their ability. The soul shall be pleased thereby having its basic needs satisfied, similar to when it was alive in the physical form. Food stuff, clothes, torch, bed etc. should be gifted in favor of the soul to help it attain the highest goal. The Purohit in-return gives equal amount of blessings to each one in order to lead their lives with peace, happiness and prosperity..

The Purohit when leaves satisfied, after wearing the newly gifted clothes and other articles, it is believed that the soul travels through the pretaloka (the world of ghosts and spirits) to the pitraloka (the heaven or the world of ancestors)