Significance of Rituals in Hinduism

In Hinduism rituals are meant to inculcate feelings of devotion and    religiosity and thereby bring God and spirituality into the centre of human  life. Rituals are very necessary to reinforce ones faith in both religion and  the concept of God which are both essential for the growth of the religion  and oneself. The religious life of many Hindus is focused on devotion to  God (perceived as Brahman, Shiva, Vishnu, or Shakti) or several gods. This devotion usually takes the form of rituals and practices associated with sculptures and images of gods in home shrines and temples. Hindu religious practices center on the importance of fulfilling the duties associated both with one’s social position and one’s stage of life. With regard to the latter, traditional Hindus are expected to pass through four stages over the course of their life: Brahmacharga, which takes place during the school years, is focused on acquiring knowledge and developing character; Grastha, the middle years, is focused on worldly pursuits and pleasures such as marriage, family and career; Vanaprastha, when one’s children reach adulthood, is a time of increased focus on spiritual things; and Sanngasu, in the last years of life, one may abandon the world entirely for a life of contemplation. All stages of life for the Hindu, however, involve religious rituals and practices.To fulfil all rituals in our span of life, .Hinduism is full of rituals,and ceremonies However, as a very personal faith, most of their puja, or acts or worship, are done on a personal level for oneself , family or dearones. Rituals are part of our life in happiness and in sorrows:

Hindupratha assists in the times of need , In sorrow and grief. We help in Rituals for peace remembrance of our dear ones ( offering for departs soul)

All the above ritual are done at home or temples or at holi places like Haridwar, Gaya, Allahabad, Varanasi . With respected to our faith in God & keeping in mind importance and beauty of religion HINDUPRATHA has started the initiative to serve practitioners of hindu religion. Hindupratha has started rituals and Beliefs in Haridwar .